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Cherish your piece of heaven, cherish all you have, for all shall be gone when the time comes. Your love, your legacy, your life, have you truly lived it to the fullest?

This is the story of a soul who is to discover a new life, a body who has to endure the new land, a mind who has to endure the test of life. The final chapter of the physical human before death and liberation of the soul, the prequel to Rebirth. The earthly heaven is snatched as this soul approaches the end of human life, the most prized possession taken by greed and thirst for power, the loss of love and meaning  of life. The soul tries to find a new purpose, while the old body struggles to survive the harshness of terra incognita, the mind resets to a new stage of trials, keeping trauma and fear whilst having lost ecstasy. In the end, does it really matter?

  • Endure Crew

    Endure (The Youth United Will Endure) is a Timor Leste-based dance academy founded in 2010 by eight teenagers involved in the local hip hop scene. They also share an interest in exploring hip hop-related elements, including graffiti, rap, beatboxing, and DJ.

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