Irodat By Asnawi Abdulah

About IDF

For over thirty years, the Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) has been actively contributing to the ecosystem of contemporary dance, by becoming one of the well-established dance instruments in Indonesia. The festival encourages the development of the best works and brilliant ideas of choreographers and dancers from across generations in Indonesia and abroad.

“Since 1992, through a biannual international festival, the IDF has been maintaining the sustainability of dance aesthetics, either developed from local wisdom or resulted from an experiment to find new expressions which are relevant to the current social and cultural situations.”

From year to year, the IDF is committed to provide a comfortable learning space for young dancers to perform, study, and experiment through performances, workshops, or opportunities to meet and interact with other dance stakeholders from all over the world.

On several occasions, the IDF also holds educational programs on the participatory function of dance by engaging the public, as an effort to make dance a universal language.