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Billowing Sails

Once the sail billows,
there should be no more doubts!

An Indonesian spirit-lifting saying goes like this: “Once the sail billows, there should be no more doubts!” The saying defines the spirit that embodies Billowing Sails, a program that was born out of limitations in a time of global pandemic.

In 2020, IDF initially planned to organize its biannual festival. Alas, the plan had to be modified in response to the global pandemic. Refusing to give in to the situation, IDF held its first ever online festival, taking up the theme IDF.2020.zip – DAYA: CARI CARA. Billowing Sails became one of the main programs, involving 12 dance choreographers from different countries across the globe to put their pandemic reflections into a short dance film. Their works were then turned into a medium to open up dialogues on local issues highlighted in every film.

Billowing Sails is an expression of solidarity that spreads positive spirit through virtual platforms. This experiment was eye-opening to the festival team, that emotions, feelings and sentiments can be transferred through the screen, surpassing time and geographical boundaries. The saol in this context also represents a tool that invites us to explore different possibilities in dance and socio-cultural practices.

Billowing Sails Series :