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An online public discussion for choreographers involved in Indonesian Dance Festival’s program, Layar Terkembang 2022 Body and Rasa in Terra Incognita. Thirteen choreographers and 2 curators will share their artistic processes in relation to the curatorial theme.

Dermaga Bincang Tari is a critical choreography dialog platform that invites multidisciplinary artists and researchers that focus on body language, technology, and digital platforms, be it local or international. With the format of a virtual symposium, this program is projected to be a discussion platform of the development of choreography practice in relation to current digital technology.

Choreographers : Endure Crew | Gita Kinanthi | Jibek | Mukhlis (Madre) | nu Kolektif | Pebri Irawan | Pratama Reski Wijaya | Ren Xin Lee | Susan | Theodora Melsasail | Tri Putra Mahardhika H | Tyobabond | Usman Najrid Maulana

House Curator of IDF 2022 : Linda Mayasari

Guest Curator of Layar Terkembang 2022 : Dian Anggraini

Festival Director : Ratri Anindyajati

Moderator : Gianti Giadi

Billowing Sails 2022 : Body and Rasa in Terra Incognita series

As part of the Road to IDF 2022 program series, Billowing Sails: Body and Rasa in Terra Incognita is curated by Linda Mayasari (house curator of IDF 2022) and Dian Anggraini (guest curator of Billowing Sails). Billowing Sails: Body and Rasa in Terra Incognita features works from 13 choreographers from 10 regions in Indonesia and 3 choreographers from other Asian countries. The choreographers will each create a short dance film between 3-5 minutes that will be shown over three days on August 25, 26, 27, 2022. Critical and reflective reading of the work and themes will be conducted through online discussion on August 28.

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