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Three dancers ride a rhythmic movement, they are in a state of being ridden, by a fragrance or a mantra, the memories of disaster pervading it. “Museum II: Ridden” is a performance that focusing on explores the body of mutation and readiness.

This Work is part of the series “The Museum” that Leu Wijee has been working on since 2018, and in which he reflects on the potential relationships between disaster and dance. Together with Mio Ishida, “Museum II: Ridden” invites us to look at the most ancient experience that helped to shape human civilization: bodies after disaster.

Choreography and Scenography : Leu Wijee | Collaborator & Co-research: Mio Ishida | Dancer: Leu Wijee, Mio Ishida, Syanindita Prameswari | Lighting Designer: Mamedz Slasov | Artistic Crew: Unknown | Organized: WijeesWorks

  • Leu Wijee

    Leu Wijee, an artist/choreographer and dancer, was born in 1998 in Sulawesi, Indonesia and is currently based in Palu and Jakarta. Starting his career with (self-taught) street dance, he was trained in traditional Indonesian dance and other contemporary forms during Animal Pop Dance under direction of Jecko Siompo (2014-2019). His exploration process focuses on how the act of creating choreography is inspired and influenced by nature, dance, and humans itself.

  • Mio Ishida

    Japanese-born Mio Ishida is an actor and dancer based in Tokyo. She graduated from the theater and dance program at JF Oberlin University College of Performing and Visual Arts. During university years, she learned about contemporary dance, classical ballet, and contemporary colloquial (theater works using conversational language).

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