Leu Wijee

Leu Wijee, an artist/choreographer and dancer, was born in 1998 in Sulawesi, Indonesia and is currently based in Palu and Jakarta. Starting his career with (self-taught) street dance, he was trained in traditional Indonesian dance and other contemporary forms during Animal Pop Dance under direction of Jecko Siompo (2014-2019). His exploration process focuses on how the act of creating choreography is inspired and influenced by nature, dance, and humans itself. Recently, he participated in various international events such as Sync Next 2022 by Sejong Season, Stre@m 2022-2023 by Seoul International Dance Festival and Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, Tokyo Festival 2021 Farm Lab Exhibition, Imajitari x Jakarta International Contemporary Dance Festival 2021 by Jakarta Arts Council, and Helatari 2021 by Salihara Arts Center.