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In the process of understanding her physical journey, Sherli is reunited with tale. Tale is an oral tradition that originated from the ancestors of Kerinci people. Since young, she has heard pantun (Indonesian 4-verse poem) of fairy tales and prayers that were exchanged back and forth during Hajj preparations, medical rituals, while working in the rice fields and meadows, when raising children, and many other daily rituals. The rhythm and dance of the tale has entered and continues to live within her body.

By treating the body like an active archive, Sherli wants to re-narrate the tale tradition that has become a part of her. Her form is now an open door, allowing us to see and read Kerinci, not only as an actual physical site but also as an active cultural space that forms the identity of the people living within it.

“Tale Tale” is the third work in her Kerinci trilogy. Her previous works “Meniti Jejak Tubuh (2016)” and “Memoirs (2017)” also explore archives within the body and other spectrums of identity. The research for this work began in 2020 and was performed previously for a limited audience at ISI Padangpanjang campus. “Tale Tale” will narrate the many pantun that continue to live as archives with the future generations to come.

Choreographer: Sherli Novalinda | Dancer: Lovia Triyuliani Ikhlas, Yogi Afria | Composer: Indra Arifin | Cinematographer: Muhamad Panji | Mapping creator: Cindy Fadhila Sara | Artistic Director: Saaduddin | Dramaturg: Roza Muliati

  • Sherli Novalinda

    Besides being a choreographer, Sherli Novalinda is also a dance lecturer at the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Padangpanjang. As an artist-scholar), she has been actively creating works since 2003. She is interested in conducting research and experiment on the creation of contemporary dances, both traditional and non-traditional, and has various experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration with local and international artists.

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