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In this workshop, Eyi Lesar will invite participants to play games such as the traditional childhood game, Gobak Sodor. Participants will explore integrating choreography, games and sports, while considering intentions and the impact on one’s body’s motor response within a space. This session is an experiment in which participants are challenged to create a patternless choreographic structure that conforms to the rules in a given “space” and relies on the spontaneity of the body. The grown-ups and their bodies will be invited back in time to remember the intelligence of children playing “standby mode” and “neutral mode”, all the while focused on the goal at hand: dancing while winning the game.

Venue: Teater Jakarta 4th Fl Studio
This workshop is delivered in bahasa Indonesia.

  • Ferry Alberto Lesar

    Ferry Alberto Lesar, a dancer and choreographer, was born in Manado, 13 February 1993. As an alumni of the Department of Dance, Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), he studied various dance genres such as break dance, traditional, modern, even hip-hop which later influenced his choreography style. He has collaborated with a number of notable choreographers from Indonesia and overseas, including Hartati, Eko Supriyanto, Tom Ibnur, Yola Yulfanti, Peter Wilson, Kapronczai Erika, and Arno Schuitmaker.

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