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The continuation of art practice has always been a challenging matter for all art stakeholders in Indonesia to think about. This is mainly due to limited and unequal infrastructure and economic resources, but also other important aspects that are interrelated, such as contextual artistic vision, human resources, target audience, development of digital communication technology, mobility of people and goods, professional networks, also the dynamics of the art field both in the local, national, and global aspects. Meanwhile, performing arts has a distinctive pattern because this sustainability issue does not only apply to groups, but also individual artists.

Departing from the regeneration process that is being carried out by IDF and several other art organizations in Indonesia in the last few years, the four speakers presented will provide readings and meanings of regeneration from their own experience.

Jeannie Park
Sari Majid
Yudi Tadjudin
Ina Suryadewi

Farah Wardani


Venue: Rooftop/Serambi – Salihara Arts Center

30 Years of IDF – Rasa: Beyond Bodies

In 2022, the Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) reaches its 30th year, a milestone representing an established foundation and maturity. For the 30th anniversary, through the title “RASA: Beyond Bodies,” the IDF traces the steps that have been taken and speculates what will next benefit the development of Indonesian dance.

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