Gita Kinanthi

Gita Kinanthi is a dance artist and educator. She did her postgraduate study in PPS ISI Yogyakarta (2012), and since 2015 has stayed in South Kalimantan and worked as a lecturer in the Dance Education major of STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin. She focuses to explore dance and dance education through collaborative work, research, and experiment. Some of her activities include collaborating with Krisna Murti (2011), participated in Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) in South Korea (2015), received the grant Hibah Cipta Perempuan Yayasan Kelola (2016), was awarded for Best Open Category Film in Brunei Film Blitz Festival 2021, and initiated the annual dance festival Selebrasi Hari Tari Dunia in South Kalimantan since 2015.

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