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The work “SILO” explores the Islamic custom of tahlil, in this context seen as the central motoric movement around the torso. The work is a vertical dialogue method between him and the Holy One through repetitive and personal movements. This work is developed from his previous work “SILA”, which was created during Ghulur’s residency at American Dance Festival. Ghulur sees “SILO” as a space to explore the body within the constraints of physical space. “SILO” as a choreography and ritual is an endeavour to reach the emotional and spiritual peak with a limited physical position where one is grounded to the earth.

Artist/Choreographer/Performer: Hari Ghulur | Dramaturg: Arco Renz | Composer: Rosemainy | Lighting designer: Iskandar Loedin | Producer: Sekar Alit | Co-Producer: Hanidar Fejri | Dancers: Errina Aprilyani, Puri Senja, Patry Eka, Aditya Putra, Angga I Tirta, Rifai, Hari Ghulur

  • Hari Ghulur

    Moh. Hariyanto (b.1986), also known as Hari Ghulur, is a choreographer and dancer based in Surabaya. His works “Ghulur”, “Ghabal”, “White Stone”, ”Sila”, and “Jap_Vanese”, have been presented in T.H.E Contact Contemporary Dance, Europalia Art Festival, University of Malaya, American Dance Festival, and Indonesian Dance Festival.

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