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Instead of considering limitations as a constraint, it can actually be seen as guidelines for achieving freedom. This method of limitation is a space for body construction that Hari Ghurur works on to explore new possibilities of repetitive motion, so that organic and expressive motion emerges. In this class, participants will practice processing repetitive motions and dissect what can be explored and discovered from there.

Venue: Salihara Gallery
This workshop is delivered in bahasa Indonesia.

  • Hari Ghulur

    Moh. Hariyanto (b.1986), also known as Hari Ghulur, is a choreographer and dancer based in Surabaya. His works “Ghulur”, “Ghabal”, “White Stone”, ”Sila”, and “Jap_Vanese”, have been presented in T.H.E Contact Contemporary Dance, Europalia Art Festival, University of Malaya, American Dance Festival, and Indonesian Dance Festival.

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