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“Paradox” departs from the artist’s research about dream and its relation to the body. How the conscience and the unconsciousness take over the body in turn, like two separate entities that create a whole being. A person lives in their consciousness, but only in the unconscious, everything that is in you – memories, wounds, ambitions, unfinished things – is unearthed. Pane believes dreams act as a driving force between the two, a pull that shakes and creates tension in the body.

Maharani Pane plays with this paradox and offers new possibilities of disciplinary work, using technology as a cross-media platform to break the boundaries of reality and dreams.

Concept & Choreography: Maharani Pane | Dancer: Rheza Octavia, Deka Saputra | Visual: Tri Oktoviano, Afan Paper | Composer: Kelvin Djunaidi | Lighting designer: Deray Setiadi | Artistic Designer: Ferdy Ramadhan | Assistant artistic designer: Irfan Cahya Putra | Production manager: Korinta Chyntia Delfi

  • Maharani Pane

    Maharani Pane is a dancer and choreographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from the Jakarta Arts Institute, (IKJ) Faculty of Performing Arts, majoring in Dance. Her artistic practice is oriented on combining elements from various art and media disciplines such as theater, installation art, and visual mapping.

  • Flipside

    Initiated by the late Chairul Rahman, this collective processes works of art through a media known as mapping projection. Today, Flipside AV consists of Kukuh Gandhia Poetra, Tri Oktoviano, and Afanpaper. Their works take shape as performances with three elements - visual arts, performing arts, and film arts - within them.

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