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The game Gobak Sodor and Bentengan is a collective childhood memory. Not only does it recall fun memories, this game also activates a crucial bodily process. Think of the play area as a space that regulates the intensity of your body, entering it means activating “standby mode” and exiting means “neutral mode”. During play, children are in “standby mode”. Their bodies are controlled by instincts that are spontaneous, constantly moving in response to the situation and opponents, ready to set strategies and achieve victory. In this game, the player’s movements look like part of an unplanned choreography, where spontaneity is the most relevant strategy for mastering space.

Meanwhile nowadays, the switch in function of public space and the massive use of electronic devices have impacted how children play. The tradition of children’s games, along with all the experiences attached to them, have changed. “E-PAL” is a choreography project that adopts the concept of the body in the children’s play arena. What if the stage is treated like a playground and the body is free to experience free choreography while also relying on strategic spontaneity to respond? “E-PAL” invites us to revisit this memory and return to playing like children.

Choreographer : Ferry Alberto Lesar | Production Manager : Yusuf Bakrie | Musician : Tesla Manaf | Lighting Designer : Deray Setiadi | Script Writer : Novie Elisa | Discussion Friends : Smtrglr, River Lin, Arco | Actor : Ishvara Devati

Dancers : E-Dancer’s

  • Ferry Alberto Lesar

    Ferry Alberto Lesar, a dancer and choreographer, was born in Manado, 13 February 1993. As an alumni of the Department of Dance, Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), he studied various dance genres such as break dance, traditional, modern, even hip-hop which later influenced his choreography style. He has collaborated with a number of notable choreographers from Indonesia and overseas, including Hartati, Eko Supriyanto, Tom Ibnur, Yola Yulfanti, Peter Wilson, Kapronczai Erika, and Arno Schuitmaker.

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