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“Dancing of Lament: Ibuku Menangis, Bumiku Meronta” starts from an anxiety about the fading relationship between human and mother nature. People of Belu (emabelu) have a glorious ritual that involves ecological friendship within the Ukun Badu ceremony. The ceremony turns into an ecological ancestral heritage. Protection and nurturing of nature is perfectly institutionalised, even in heroic ways of cultural taboos and cult restrictions to not disturb nature. The tradition of nurturing such relationships also exists within other societies in Timor land. Alas, humans as children have lied to nature, their mother. Mother nature wriggles in despair because humans, to whom she has given life, have broken the promise they proclaim in the ritual.

  • nu Kolektif

    nu Kolektif is an art collective based in Atambua, Belu, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia consisting of members with diverse backgrounds. Each member has their own characteristics in working using different mediums, including visuals (photography, videography, illustration, and visual communication design) and literature.

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