Tyoba Armey, or better known as Tyobabond, was born in Blora Regency, Central Java, Indonesia in 1995. He studied at SMKN 10 Bandung (SMKI), continued with an undergraduate program at ISI Surakarta, and a postgraduate program at ISBI ​​Bandung. Tyobabond is currently working as a lecturer at the Dance Department of ISBI Bandung and Integrated Art Study Program at the Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. In addition to teaching, he founded Artmay Studio community, which has become his space to explore. Some of the works he has produced are "Sumembah" ( 2015), “Sebelas yang Lalu” (2016), “Terror” (2016), “Body Connection” (2016), “Vengeance” (2016), “Sense” (2017), “Tubuh-Tubuh Mungil” (2018) , “Shaman” (2019), “Math Body” (2020), and “Dasar Sarira” (2021).