Pratama Reski Wijaya

Pratama Reski Wijaya, nicknamed Kiki, is an alumnus of the Department of Dance Education at an institute in Banjarmasin. He currently lives in Curup, Rejang Lebong Regency, Bengkulu, Indonesia and works as a performer, choreographer, actor, and cameraman at Teater Senyawa. He is often involved in collaborative projects with various interdisciplinary artists. The construction of his work is based on the exploration of Pencak Silat martial self-defense movements as a medium of expression and visual art as a projection medium. He has been involved in the seventh Bandung Art Festival held by Bongkeng Art Space, the eighth South Kalimantan World Dance Day and the World Dance Day organized by Dian Arza Arts Laboratory (DAAL) in Lampung (2022).