Mila Rosinta Totoatmojo

Mila Rosinta Totoatmojo was born in Jakarta, May 15, 1989 and was seven when she encountered dance. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Creation at the postgraduate of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta. Having studied Balinese dance, Mila switched to Javanese dances and culture after joining Tembi Dance Company in 2009. She founded Mila Art Dance Group in 2012, and developed it into Mila Art Dance School in 2015. Her school provides a space for like-minded female artists, to collaborate, to nurture young generations of artists, as well as bringing dance closer to the public through various platforms and laboratory programs. In her dance journey, she finds meaning in every phase - from discovering her body, getting to know herself, and understanding dance as a prayer in life. Many of her works have been performed in Indonesia and overseas. Her works are connected by tradition and contemplation on Nusantara culture.

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