IDF’s New Look, a Contemporary Reflection

20 June 2023

IDF launches its new visual identity, signaling a sound effort from this 30-year-old organization to stay relevant with the growth of dance ecosystem

What is contemporary dance? That is one of our most frequently asked questions. The question brings us back to Indonesia’s contemporary culture, especially the way it is deeply rooted to local traditions. Most contemporary dance practitioners crate works from their knowledge and physical memory on traditional dances. The same goes for the dance enthusiasts generally, who might have taken traditional dance classes when they were younger, or participate in dance classes as a hobby that balances their corporate lives.

What has long been rooted, and what has just grown and taken root, becomes our motivation to share this sensibility with the public. With joy, the IDF is launching a new visual identity at the age of 31. This identity was created in collaboration with Brandworks, a branding firm from Australia that has opened branches in the Southeast Asian region.

The concept carried in this new visual identity is centred on the desire to present an ever-evolving cultural heritage with a vision for the future. “Heritage of Tomorrow” becomes a guiding phrase in this creative process. With a deep appreciation towards history that shapes today's reality, IDF hopes to continue being a place to learn, unlearn, and relearn issues in our lives that are present through dance works and activities.

Since 2012, IDF has used a black logo surrounded by splashes of colors that represent the dynamic ecosystem and dance expression. Going into its fourth decade, IDF celebrates its maturity with a monochromatic logo, accentuated with contemporary style of gestures and figures to rejuvenate its presence along with the era.

The renewal of IDF’s look coincides with the rebranding of Yayasan Loka Tari Nusantara (YLTN), the festival’s umbrella organization. Symbolising its role as an advocate for the Indonesian dance ecosystem, the YLTN logo now comes with notions of elegance and protective typography.

The bright and warm colour palette will coexist with a typography style that oozes strength and embodies diversity, reflecting IDF’s spirit that is both resilient and progressive. This combo is expected to bring in the atmosphere of inclusivity in every program, because art and cultural initiatives must be relevant to the time and the various groups in the community they serve.

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