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Sapa suru datang Jakarta
Sapa suru datang Jakarta
Sandiri suka, sandiri rasa
Eh doe sayang

Tidak seindah kuduga
Hidup akan merana
Tinggalkan kasur di desa
dapatkan gubuk di kota

Siang deng malam e mama
Jalan kasana kamari
Kawan saudara mama
samua tidak peduli

“Siapa Suru Datang Jakarta” – Kembar Grup

Jakarta has been the central of Indonesia for more than 100 years. As a center, Jakarta attracts some of the best talents from all over Indonesia, one of them being the Kembar Group, the artists who wrote the song “Sapa Suru Datang Jakarta” (translation: Who Asks You to Come to Jakarta). However, its dazzling attraction comes with the harsh reality of living in the big city. To improve quality of life, one needs to be both mentally and physically strong.

“Senam Kota Kita” is a calisthenics/dance performance specially designed for the capital citizens at IDF 2022. Gymnastik Emporium offers a different perspective, seeing calisthenics not just as a physical sport, but also its aesthetic sense. This performance is designed to enable the audience to be actively involved.

Inspired and influenced by the memories of the Physical Fitness Gymnastics (SKJ) – a compulsory sport for Indonesian students from 1970s to 2000s – this dance work was created after watching big groups of people doing calisthenics together. Collective exercising has actually become a place for women to socialize and self-actualize. This performance was explored at Sanggar Seni Senam Maju, Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society between April-May 2022, a period where Gymnastik Emporium adapted the mass calisthenics model into a presentation fit for the stage. The body, memory, and the city are important themes in our creation process, aiming to provide the biggest possible space for expressing personal thoughts about the love and hate relationship with Jakarta. After participating in “Senam Kota Kita”, we hope the audience does not only get rejuvenated, but also fit to “fight” again in the hectic capital life.

Performers: Abdi Karya, Ari Dwianto, Irfanuddien Ghozali, Kurnia Yaumil Fajar, Muhammad Abe, Vandy Rizaldy | Featuring: Fajar Riyanto as visual artist | Gymnastik Emporium will collaborate with practitioners and gymnastics activists in Jakarta to present their work at IDF 2022.

  • Gymnastik Emporium

    This cross-disciplinary collective of artists consistently works on projects that break down boundaries between art and other fields. Gymnastics Emporium’s works often play with performance aspects in the sports category, for example in the bodily and spectacle details.

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