Abib Igal

Abib Habibi Igal, a choreographer from Central Kalimantan, completed his undergraduate education at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta with a major in Dance Choreography. Since 2012 he has continued to conduct research expeditions on Wadian Dadas, a healing ritual of the Dayak Ma'anyan tribal community in Central Kalimantan. Various elements and phenomena in this ritual are transformed into new contemporary works with approaches of artistic research and cultural studies. Abib also established the Abib Igal Dance Project, a platform with the vision and mission of advancing the dance sector in Kalimantan. This platform is an artistic laboratory for re-reading, re-searching, and rebuilding the body of present-day Kalimantan traditions. Through this Dance Project, Abib continues to record Wadian's sound body movements. For him, exploring the Wadian body is equal to exploring the body's relationship with God, nature, and humans.

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