Layar Terkembang

Sekali Layar Terkembang Surut Kita Berpantang. – DAYA: CARI CARA mengundang Anda untuk turut serta di dalam arung virtual berbagi daya, merajut optimisme.

Twenty choreographers from various parts of the world, who have been involved in the Indonesian Dance Festival in the past, will spread their optimism to us. Through short videos, they will show their respective life force during the pandemic that is extracted from various aspects of the body and choreography. As we know, during the nearly thirty years of the IDF, a sailing map has been laid out with a wide geographical coverage, as well as an exploration of the body and the choreography, along with their historical contexts.

The IDF’s first journey in the 90s went hand in hand with the pace of communication technology development which was marked by the coming of the internet into the life of Indonesian society. We are connected with global citizens through media experiences. 

On the one hand, direct experience that is mediated by family, traditional customs, and religion still plays a role in shaping social identity, choreographing behavior and determining morality. On the other hand, the new layers of reality presented by the media provide a variety of possibilities that were previously unimaginable.The experience of the body and embodiment are rearranged, as they are also influenced by the media. The relationships between body, embodiment, technology and media have been observed through various perspectives and artistic expressions of domestic and foreign choreographers participating in the Indonesian Dance Festival.

Now is the time for us to take another look at the journey in the virtual adventure of Billowing Sail, a series of short videos from the artists who helped shape the map of the Indonesian Dance Festival. Regarding this matter, the IDF sailing map does not only show the relationships between artists across generations and countries, but also links a number of artistic practices from various backgrounds of cultural experiences.