IDF Academy

In the setting of Indonesian modern dance, a dancer usually grows and develops in a combination of formal and informal education.

Regardless of the development of dance schools in terms of quality and quantity, several forms of informal dance institutions such as apprenticeship, community group, sasaran–a traditional martial arts training center, camp, and short course, still serve as important education infrastructures for many people who are interested in learning dance more seriously.

Besides, the existence of other dance instruments such as performance, phenomenon, competition, and others is also encouraging the formation of a healthy ecosystem.

Based on our understanding of the condition, the Indonesian Dance Festival since its beginning is designed with the characteristic of empowerment.

“On each of its events, the International Dance Festival developed a special program for young dance artists to learn, develop their ideas, and perform their works.”

During the first years of the International Dance Festival, besides dance performances, discussion panels and workshops were always being held by inviting professional choreographers from Indonesia and abroad as the speakers.

Also in the 90s, we held several residency programs that allowed young dance artists from different countries to work together on a collaborative project.

It is the moment when exchanges of ideas and experiences between dance artists happen.

As in genetic modification, the format of empowerment programs is formulated continually for over the years in order to find the ideal formation in which young dance artists are given the chance to develop well.

Especially since 2004 until today, the empowerment programs are directed toward a systematic and intensive workshop, in which young dance artists who are considered potential by the curators will be given opportunity to join workshops on the elements of dance performance, develop a work that will be performed at the festival under the auspices of a mentor or supervisor.

Through the undergoing development and under several names including Emerging Choreographer, Showcase, Seed of Wonder, IDF Academy, and Kampana, training programs for young dance artists have shown its fruitful results.