7 – 14 November 2020



When and where the 2020 Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) will be held?

The 2020 IDF will be held virtually on November 7–14, 2020 on the YouTube channel of Indonesian Dance Festival. You will get the link after you register on IndonesianDanceFestival.id.

How to watch the 2020 IDF shows?

Register by choosing one of the 3 (three) ways below:

  1. Via IndonesianDanceFestival.id to be directed to our partner’s website Loket.com;
  2. Via the site of our main partner, Loket.com;
  3. Via Go-Tix service on the Go-Jek phone apps.

After registering, follow the instructions on Loket.com or Go-Tix to get the event link. 

Check the registration instructions provided on each website.

Should I pay to watch the 2020 IDF?

All of the 2020 IDF events are free

Will the IDF2020.zip DAYA: CARI CARA shows continue to be available online to be accessed at any time?

Although the IDF2020.zip DAYA: CARI CARA shows will be presented virtually, they can only be watched according to the published schedule (except Kampana Trajectory series), just like live performances. Thus, make sure to register and watch the chosen performances.