Program Meeting and Workshop Preparation for the 2016 IDF

On March 31st – April 1st 2016, the Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF) held a preparation meeting for the 2016 IDF event. The meeting, held at the IDF secretariat at the Art and Performance Faculty of Jakarta Arts Institute, was attended by 10 people from the 2016 IDF Artistic Team and IDF Secretariat Management. The two main things discussed in this meeting were the programs at the 2016 DF and the preparation of IDF Academy: A Series of Workshops.

The programs projected for the 2016 IDF that are planned to be executed in early November 2016 are generally similar to the previous ones. Most of the programs this year will be similar to the programs in the 2014 IDF. These programs are trying to show IDF’s desire to cover a deeper discourse and to try connecting the Indonesian dance scene to the global dance scene. In addition to that, the Artistic Team suggested and saw a few other possibilities of new programs in the 2016 IDF. The team is working intensively in formulating the programs that are being offered by the 2016 IDF so far.

“IDF has its own signature programs. One of them is the Showcase Program in which we provide an opportunity for Indonesian young choreographers to perform their creations. This kind of signature program must be maintained,” said Maria Darmaningsih, Program Director of the 2016 IDF, and also a member of the artistic team.

There are several old IDR programs that might be removed or transformed, following the current IDF development and trend. For instance, in the 2016 IDF, IDF Academy will start by presenting a series of workshops that will include Dancing Workshop, Artistic Research Workshop and Dance Writing Workshop.

“IDF is obviously changing, following the development of time. Therefore, old programs can be changed or removed based on what signifies IDF. In the future, IDF team must be open to these changes,” said Nungki Kusumastuti, IDF Finance Director and a member of the artistic team, during the meeting.

From the closest one to the camera and going clockwise are: Nia Agustina Pandhuniawati, Linda Mayasari, Maria Darmaningsih, Seno Joko Suyono, Nungki Kusumastuti, Taufik Darwis and Helly Minarti.

From the closest one to the camera and going clockwise are: Nia Agustina Pandhuniawati, Linda Mayasari, Maria Darmaningsih, Seno Joko Suyono, Nungki Kusumastuti, Taufik Darwis and Helly Minarti.

Another thing discussed in the meeting was the participant selection of IDF Academy: Dancing Workshop. By March 30th the IDF Secretariat received 50 applicants for the workshops which will be conducted in the Kaldera Forest, Bogor, West Java. Thirty five participants passed the administrative selection. The 35 names went through another selection by the members of the artistic team. From the final selection, 16 participants were selected and in the process of being informed by the IDF Academy. The Academy will announce the names after the selected candidates have given confirmation of their participation in the workshops.

“It would be a shame if participants did not show up on the date. That’s why we need to confirm (their participation) first. If the selected candidates decide not to participate, we can give the vacant spot to the ones who did not get selected the first time. This way we ensure effectiveness,” added Yessy Apriati from the IDF Academy.

Seno Joko Suyono, a member of the artistic team of the 2016 IDF, saw how important it is to have a series of workshop in order to preserve the life of Indonesian dance scene.

“These workshops, I feel, are very important. One of my concerns is the Writing Workshop, which is a part of the workshop series in the 2016 IDF. In Indonesia, the writing tradition on dance has not been developed, which involves various factors. Hopefully, with these workshops, we can improve better,” said Seno Joko Suyono, a well-known journalist and novelist and also performance art observer.

Other than the two main things mentioned above, the meeting participants also discussed different possibilities of cooperation in the 2016 IDF. Helly Minarti, another member of the artistic team, explained her experience in observing the development of dance art in Germany when she attended the Dance Platform in Frankfurt in mid-March 2016. Another thing that was discussed was the latest development of Indonesian and international choreographers and the newest dance work. The artistic team also talked about the young choreographers who will be performing in the Showcase Program at the 2016 IDF.***

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