Indonesian Dance Festival 2014

Main Performances

Main Performance program was started at the frst Indonesian Dance Festival (IDF). Through a curatorial process, the program presents works from both Indonesian and international choreographers who are considered established and capable to present a whole performance. This program highlights dance works that are of interest to the international stage and also dance works from leading Indonesian choreographers.

Commision Work

In 2014, IDF for the frst time is producing a choreography that has been chosen by the curators and is considered qualifed to become the festival’s main performance. The works in commission work—either collaborative works with fellow Indonesian artists or with international artists—have been designed specifcally for IDF. This will continue to happen in the next IDF.


Showcase is the space for young choreographers to perform: they who are evolving and actively creating dance work with specifc characteristics. Sometimes we fnd fresh out-of-the-box works during this session. It also serves as a way to review the development of potential creative young choreographers’ works from every part of Indonesia.


LAB is only been introduced in this year’s IDF edition. This program is designed to present works during their development process. These works have been carefully selected by the curators to be performed. The main focus of the program is to see the development process of a dance concept until the work is ready to be performed through studio works.

Master Classes

IDF’s Master Class program gives a chance to choreographers, dance lovers, students and general public who are interested in studying specifc dance techniques. In this program, dancers and choreographers who are well-known for their exploration, invention and technique will act as the instructors and share their knowledge freely and openly to the participants.

Special Program: Mother & Child

This program intends to show a slice of reality in the Indonesian dance scene where a lot of dancers pass on their love of dancing onto their children. Blood relation is enriched by artistic connection. Another slice of reality is that dancers are often challenged by the society. Many parents—mainly urban middle class— support their children to take up dance lesson as an extracurricular activity but object when their offsprings wish to seriously pursue this ‘hobby’ and intend to make it as a profession in the future. Dancing is still considered as a hobby and dancer is not considered equal to other professions, even artistic professions such as architect or designer that have developed their own industry.

Discussion: Talking About Dance

This discussion program is designed for dance practitioners—choreographers, dancers, producers and presenters—to share experience, sharpen ideas, refect and also critically review their creative journey and works. This program also serves as a dialogue between dance practitioners with their public.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime achievement award is IDF award for Indonesian dance fgures who have given signifcant contribution to Indonesian dance scene; fgures who have dedicated their life in the development of dance. Specifcally, the Lifetime Achievement Award is an effort to remember such contributions, by thinking, recording and capturing history. This award is considered important to be given to those who have brought the Indonesian Dance Festival to its current position.